Hailey's Characters

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Name: Alexa

Age: She doesn't remember so she just says she is 21

Height: 5' 4

Weight: 99 lbs

Sex: Female

Species: Fallen Angel

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Status: Single

Appearance: Alex has long blonde hair and very tan skin. She lost most of her angelic glow after her fall. Her wings are still white but they are severely torn and shredded up. Alexa's eyes are like the sky on a partially cloudy day, blue with a light grey here and there. Alexa can normally be seen in torn jeans and t-shirts. She rarely has her wings out and when she does they are normally hidden so no one will ask questions.

Personality: She is very friendly and curious about almost everything. Though she does get paranoid when she meets someone else with wings.

Bio: Alexa doesn't remember much from before she fell. She barely remembers the reason. She only knows that she is being hunted and they are set on harming her and taking her back to wherever she came from. She has just been wandering across the world in order to stay away from the ones hunting her.

Song: Angle With A Shot Gun ; The Cab