Hailey's Characters

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Name: Hailey

Age: 20

Relationship: Single

Description: She has black hair, fox ears, and a black tail. She has dark blue eyes and soft pink lips. Her skin is fairly tan. Her voice has a British accent to it.

Personality: She is really sweet, free spirited, and a little crazy at times.

Species: Half Fox Half Human

Family: Diane (Mother; alive; human), Rick (Father; alive; human)

Bio: Hailey used to be around 700 years old, and then she died. She was finally killed, or so people thought. She was then reborn into a family of humans. A strange girl with no one to really talk to. A fox demon amongst humans made it a little weird to grow up. It was hard for her to feel like she fit in. Every so often she would have weird dreams or nightmares. As she grew up she started to realize they were memories from her past. She has yet to fully piece her past together but she knows she has to find her friends and try to figure everything out.